Wrap Treatment

BOREH ♥♥♥ (NEW)                                     30 mins @ 
Boreh is a made of a concoction of various spices,herbs and coffee which helps to detoxify the whole body by expelling the toxins, improve blood circulation and reduce muscle or joint aching. This treatment is good to be done if someone encounter body aching, recovering from flu or cough or rheumatism.
GINGER WRAP ♥♥♥                                      30 mins @ $60
Ginger helps to draw excessive ‘wind’ out from the body, relieves muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation and leaves a heating sensation on the skin. This wrap is recommended to be done immediately after the whole body massage when the pores are open which helps the ginger juice treatment to seep thru the open pores. This treatment is suitable for someone who has just given birth or encounter tummy bloatedness or wind in the tummy.
TREATMENT WRAP ♥♥♥                               60 mins @ $90
This wrap helps to reduce weight through a herbal steam bath to reduce water retention and fats, followed by a tummy massage and completed with a bengkong wrap to shrink the tummy.