Body Scrub

JAVANESE BODY SCRUB                           30 mins @ $40
A great way to smoother, cleaner and glowing skin. Natural extracts such as dead-sea salt, peach, green tea and bengkuang are used to help rid the body of rough patches through exfoliation.
JASMINE BODY SCRUB                             30 mins @ $40
Contains several kinds of minerals and nutrients essential for the body’s needs with a combination of herbal and natural plants. With essential oils for skin absorption, it also closes and tighten pores for slimming purposes.

LEMON BODY SCRUB                                 30 mins @ $40
This scrub is made of (what else!) lemons and a combination of herbal and natural plants extracts to nurture the body’s needs. With added essential oils, this scrub also whitens skin and leaves it feeling oh-so-smooth.

MILK BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                              30 mins @ $40
A luxurious body scrub that contains a multitude of enriching minerals and nutrients, with a combination of herbs, natural plants, milk and essential oils to smoothen skin. Rich in vitamin C to enhance the skin appearance.

ROSE BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                             30 mins @ $40

For those who love the romanticism of roses, this is the scrub that will leave you feeling all fuzzy and loved!LAVENDER BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                     30 mins @ $40
It’s lavender. Do we have to say more? Relax and revive with yet another one of our favourites.